How To Help Beginners With Their Tennis Serve

Learning how to help beginners with their tennis serve can be done by a variety of people.  Whether you are giving some basic pointers to a friend who play some tennis, or are introducing someone who is completely new to the game, there are some steps you should take to ensure you can help the person with their serve.  Pay attention to a few tips to help beginners with their tennis serve.

  1. Always start with the grip.  Ensure the player is using a good continental grip on the racquet.  Focusing on the grip allows you to break down the elements to introduce the player to serving.  You don't want to throw too much material at him or her at once.  Demonstrate the stable and firm grip for the serve.
  2. Work through the serve slowly.  Start by piecing the essential elements of the serve together.  It is too slow for most beginners to take apart every little feature.  Thus, demonstrate the basics of tossing the ball, the motion of the racquet, and where the eyes should be on the serve.  Do this very slowly and allow the beginner to work on these elements.  Comment only on these basic elements until the beginner gets the hang of them.  Again teach slowly and casually as this is difficult to learn at first.
  3. Allow the beginner to practice basic serving techniques before going further.  Still at a slow pace, work with the beginner so that he or she becomes comfortable with the basic technique.  Once he or she has a handle, then you can introduce spin, speed, and other more advanced elements on the tennis serve.



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