How To Help Her Have A Vaginal Orgasm

Knowing how to help her have a vaginal orgasm can improve a couple’s sex life and increase the number of times sex is engaged in weekly or even daily. When a woman is reaching a vaginal orgasm during intercourse, she is much less likely to have the proverbial headache the next time her male partner gets in the mood. At one time it was believed that some women were simply not capable of this type of ecstasy. This former thinking has faded away with understanding of the female sex organs. Every woman can reach this climatic moment with the proper stimulation.

  1. Pick the proper time. Having sex at the right time will help her have a vaginal orgasm. The five to seven days directly in the center of her menstrual cycle are the peak time at which a woman can reach climax with the least effort. Most women keep track of their cycle on a calendar of some sort. Ask to be let in on her “private” time keeper and keep track yourself. Choose these days to plan your sexcapades.
  2. Get her rolling ahead of time. A rather easy way to will help her have a vaginal orgasm is to get your partner sexually excited long before hitting the bed. As she stands at the stove cooking dinner, ease up behind her and slide your hand between her thighs or gently touch her breasts as you do the dishes together.
  3. Lots of direct stimulation. To help her have a vaginal orgasm, stimulate the G-spot for an extended time during foreplay. Place one finger, or two depending on the woman, inside the vagina and search for the spot. It will feel like the roof of a mouth. Rub in a circle and in a back and forth motion.
  4. Find the right position and be patient.  During intercourse, to help her have a vaginal orgasm, experiment with the position that feels the best. Typically this position is the one that puts the most pressure from the penis on the G-spot. Be patient, and put off your orgasm until she reaches hers.
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