How To Help Mending Bones Fractures

Learning how to help mending bone fractures is not a difficult task if you understand the basics of bone healing and the ideal treatments for a fractured bone. Mending bone fractures often requires medical treatment which varies depending on the type of bone fracture present.

  1. For all types of bone fracture, setting the fractured area in a cast will help during the acute period of mending bone fracture. Immobilization is an essential part of the healing process. It hastens the critical period of mending the bone fracture with less risk for more injury. Setting may require a cast or surgical procedures that involve the use of internal fixations. The healing period for a fractured bone generally takes months. Fracture healing undergoes several physiological stages that help in the remodeling of the bones.
  2. To accelerate the healing of bone fractures, nutrition plays a role to boost up the bone’s healing capabilities. Increase your daily intake of calories to aid in the healing process and to help meet the increased energy expenditure requirement in the presence of a bone fracture. Healing a bone fracture requires higher protein intake, with protein being the building blocks of the bone structure. Antioxidant supplements can also help counteract the effects of free radicals produced by the inflammatory response to bone fracture.
  3. Medications play an important role in managing pain during fracture healing. Anti-inflammatory drugs are essential for treating the inflammation response to fracture and to reduce swelling. Internal fixations using screws, rods and plates can help in restoring proper alignment of bones while the fracture is mending, and are most useful in displaced and open fractures.
  4. Mending the bone fracture will also require physical therapy. This will help strengthen the supportive structures surrounding the fractured bone, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. Methods used for physical therapy treatment, such as the application of a heat pack or ultrasound, can help reduce muscle guarding present on the area of injury, relax muscles and reduce pain. Electrical stimulation can prevent muscle atrophy in the area of the bone fracture. Isometric exercises will also provide good management in acute fracture healing while avoiding movement of the fractured bone.


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