How To Help My Fat Wife Lose Weight

It's hard to tell someone you love it's time to lose weight, and if asking to learn, "How to help my fat wife lose weight." is something you ponder often, here are some ways you can help your fat wife. Simply put, you’re fat wife will most likely lose weight if she wants to lose weight on her own. There is no simple way one person can make another person lose weight, but there are some things you can do to help your fat wife want to lose weight.

To help your fat wife lose weight, you will need to:

  1. Offer support and guidance. Let’s be honest, who wants to be called the fat wife? Even if she is the size of a small whale’s offspring, by name-calling you are probably going to have her console herself in food making matters worse. Calling her your fat wife, or referring to her in any way that may make her feel insecure will not motivate your wife to do anything.
  2. Is the problem her eating or is it possible it’s medical? This is a tough one if your wife has not undergone any medical evaluations to see what could be the cause of her weight gain, her weight might just be because of a medical condition.  An improperly working thyroid can cause weight gain that would not be your wife’s fault which can easily be treated with medication. Now wouldn’t you feel bad learning your wife has a medical condition and you did that entire name calling thing?
  3. Purchase a gym membership for the both of you. Not only would this help get your wife to the gym but it would lead you both to a healthier lifestyle. Maybe your wife is lacking motivation, but if she sees that you're willing to put forth an effort to better your health, maybe she will too. Couples who work together on a goal have a better chance of meeting their expectations.
  4. Communication is golden. Being able to be there for your wife by listening to her and finding out what causes her to eat, why she is unmotivated, etc. is helpful. When she realizes she doesn’t want to let you down and herself down she may find the motivation needed to get back on track and lose weight. Being open to what she has to say and being helpful will likely get her to stay focused.

Remember it is very important for people to speak with their medical care providers before starting any exercise of dieting regimen.  Your medical care provider will be able to help you choose the correct programs that will help you lose weight without compromising your health.

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