How To Help My Girlfriend Masturbate

You may often wonder “How to help my girlfriend masturbate” when thinking about different ways that you can please her. There are a few things you can do to make this experience more pleasurable for her. Following a few simple steps will ensure that her time spent touching herself, with your help, will make her feel really, really good.

  1. Whisper sweet nothings.  To help your girlfriend masturbate, whisper very softly in her ear and tell her all the things that really get her going.  If she’s a romantic, sentimental type, perhaps she’ll get turned on by you telling her how much you love her and how much she means to you. If she’s in a kinky mood, tell her how dirty she is and what a naughty, naughty girl she is for masturbating in front of you.
  2. Let your fingers roam. While she’s touching herself you shouldn’t just be sitting there. Touch her as well, with your hands massaging all the spots that really get her going. Rub and pinch her nipples, rub the insides of her thighs, and bite and nibble on her neck. And if she’s into it, you can really help your girlfriend masturbate by giving her a good, hard spanking while she rubs herself.
  3. Provide her with the instruments. Women are okay with using their fingers, but they also greatly enjoy using vibrators, French ticklers and other toys. Your girlfriend may have a trusted set of toys, but you can help your girlfriend masturbate by surprising her with a new one, perhaps one unlike any of the others that she has. Then, let her show it off to you by using it.
  4. Pull up the porn.  Just like men, women enjoy external stimuli to get their juices flowing, it’s just they often like different kind of porn. Find some porn that your girl will like, and then help your girlfriend masturbate by playing it for her on your computer. In addition, you can find some erotic novels or other literature she might like and let her read to get herself really turned on.
  5. Do it with her. Women also like to watch men please themselves, so you can help your girlfriend masturbate by letting her watch you jerk off, something you probably won’t have much trouble doing to accommodate her.  You can enjoy watching each other, each getting turned on by the actions of the other.
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