How To Help Wife With Sex Drive

Men who want to know how to help their wives with their sex drive should understand there are many possible reasons for this problem. Problems may be physical, psychological or based in the relationship itself. To help your wife with her sex drive, treatment must be aimed at the proper underlying issues.

  1. Be supportive. Help your wife with her sex drive by letting her know you are willing to work on it as a couple. Relationship stress, guilt and pressure will do nothing to help your wife with her sex drive and possibly only prolong and compound the issue.
  2. Encourage your wife to get a thorough physical. There are many medical causes of low sex drive in women, including diseases and medications. If your wife has pain or trouble achieving orgasm, these medical problems will likely discourage her from having sex. A medical examination will rule out other possible conditions and provide the opportunity for your wife to speak frankly with her doctor regarding her sex drive.
  3. Help your wife with her sex drive by recognizing if she is overburdened. If your wife needs help with the day-to-day tasks of child rearing or housekeeping, she may not ask for help. Offer your help and see if this changes her sex drive. Fatigue ruins anyone's ability to desire or enjoy sex.
  4. Hormonal changes may cause low sex drive. In this case, you can best help wife with sex drive by simply waiting this period out patiently. Women's hormones go through radical changes in certain periods, including during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and later in menopause. These are temporary situations and will generally resolve themselves with a little time and patience.
  5. Keep in contact. Physical contact, that is. Women's sex drives are closely related to their feelings about a relationship. Spending time together, talking, holding hands and snuggling are all easy and natural ways to help your wife with her sex drive, regardless of underlying issues.
  6. Help your wife with her sex drive by encouraging her to seek therapy, if needed. Some women experience low sex drive as a result of anxiety, depression or low self-esteem related to past or current situations. Working through these problems and feelings with a qualified professional may be the best way for your wife to move on and find sexual fulfillment in her relationship with you. Help your wife by supporting her if she feels she could benefit from this type of intervention.


Low Sex Drive in Women

Treatment and Causes

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