How To Help Your Girlfriend Through Depression Problems

It can be difficult to figure out how to help your girlfriend through depression problems. Dealing with depression can put a strain on your relationship. Your girlfriend may be suffering from clinical depression or from situational depression. Clinical depression takes longer to treat and often requires medication and therapy. Situational depression may require the same treatment, but it will be for a shorter duration.

  1. Ask her questions related to how she's feeling. Find out how long she has been feeling depressed. Also, ask her to discuss her exact symptoms. To help your girlfriend through depression problems, you need to understand how she's feeling.
  2. Listen to her. She may need to vent, cry, or just talk about how she's feeling. Even if she is being totally irrational or acting in a way that makes you angry, just take the time to listen to her.
  3. Encourage her to seek medical attention. To truly help your girlfriend through depression problems, you need to realize that she may not be making the best decisions right now. Often times, people who are dealing with depression do not seek medical attention. Let her know that it's important that she does and that you will go with her and support her in any way.
  4. Accept that she can't help that she's suffering from depression. The standard response may be to tell her to just get off of the couch and get over it. The fact is, depression is a real medical issue. If she were able to just get over it, she would likely do so. Accepting this fact will go a long way in helping her get well.
  5. Help her with household tasks. This is extremely helpful when helping your girlfriend through depression. She may have trouble doing simple household tasks such as doing dishes or grocery shopping. Take a bit of stress off of her and do what you can to help her with this.




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