How To Hide An Affair

To keep a marriage intact, it may be necessary to learn how to hide an affair. Whatever your reasons are for having the affair, you likely want to stay married or else you would have left your spouse. To keep things calm in your house, it's important that you take care and know how to hide an affair. If you slip-up once, you could lose everything. If you are going to hide an affair from your spouse, don't also try to hide the fact that you are married from your love. That just results in too many lies and makes it easier to get caught by either one.

  1. Get a disposable cell phone to use for all communication with your lover. Purchase a phone that doesn't require a contract of any kind. To put minutes on it, purchase a card for the minutes and add them to the phone as necessary. This is ideal for keeping your name off of any contracts. Also, if it is found by your spouse, she can't for certain tie it to you. Of course, it's best if she doesn't find it.
  2. Stay out of your neighborhood. It's best to squire your date to restaurants that are out of your zip code. This doesn't ensure that you won't get caught. People could spot you anywhere. To know how to hide an affair this is important though.
  3. Be vague rather than lie. Unless you have an excellent poker face, it's best to avoid telling outright bold lies to your spouse. To hide an affair you will inevitably have to lie to her. But, if you make vague statements that aren't definite, you are less likely to slip up later and get caught in the lie.
  4. Tell no one. To hide an affair you must keep it to yourself. Only you and your lover should know. The more people that know, the more that there is the chance you will get caught. Just keep it to yourself.
  5. Buy multiple clothing items in the same colors and keep a spare change in your car or at work. It goes without saying that you must shower after being intimate with your lover. But, her fragrance or lipstick could stain a shirt. If you go home wearing a totally different clothing item, your wife may suspect you are are having an affair.
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