How To Hide Dirty Pictures On My IPhone

Would you like to know how to hide dirty pictures on your iPhone? Perhaps you have some private pictures you'd like to have on hand but keep from prying eyes. Or you may just wish to have your partner remain blissfully unaware of your dirty picture habit. A number of apps will hide dirty pictures on your iPhone and jailbreaking is not a requirement.

  1. There's an app for that. There are a variety of apps that allow you to hide dirty pictures on your iPhone. The simplest of these require a PIN or password to access their content. Depending upon your level of paranoia, more advanced levels of encryption can be found for the contents of your virtual lock box.
  2. Check out the options.  If you've decided you want to hide dirty pictures on your iPhone, use a site like AppShopper to search for useful apps. Some of the most popular include: Underscore Wallet (99 cents), Private Pics ($1.99), My Eyes Only ($3.99), PictureVault ($4.99), Safe ($5.99) and iDiary ($6.99).
  3. Use a sync service on your phone. These services automatically synchronize the content of folders on your desktop or laptop computer with your mobile device. Two of the most popular are Apple's MobileMe and Dropbox. Both allow you to password protect access to their app. Just be sure to sign out after each use and be warned that images may be accessible on your computer itself. One advantage of a sync app like Dropbox is the service is free.
  4. Keep in mind a few rules of thumb about iPhone photos. If you take a picture with the camera on your phone, that image is going into your Camera Roll. If you take a compromising photo with your iPhone's camera, always be sure to delete it from your Camera Roll after you copy it to a more secure location. If you want to hide dirty pictures on your iPhone, be sure to delete them out of the Camera Roll once you've secured them.
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