How To Hide Dirty Pictures On Your BlackBerry

You are a dirty bird and so you need to know how to hide dirty pictures on your BlackBerry. Why can't you exercise a little self control? Why must you peruse pornography on the go? These are excellent questions but that is not why you are here. Lucky for you, this is an easy fix. Your girlfriend, grandma or whoever would have to be completely focused and obsessed to find the dirty pictures after reading this article.

To to hide dirty pictures on your BlackBerry, you will need:

  • To feel ashamed
  • A computer
  • A micro SD card
  1. Renaming Files. Sure it works for awhile, but never try to hide dirty pictures on your BlackBerry by simply renaming a file from. Those are the pictures that get you in trouble when some bored relative you can't refuse asks to borrow your phone to make a quick call.
  2. Hidden Properties. A popular method to hide your dirty pictures on the BlackBerry is to use the 'Hidden' properties. You will have to have 'Mass Storage' enabled though so if it is already not set simply hit GoTo -> Options -> Memory -> Set the Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected and finally select Prompt. Now GoTo My Computer -> Open the micro SD card and locate your dirty pictures. Right click on those badboys (or badgirls) and select 'Hidden'. This method is easy to utilize so beware of nosy tech savvy girlfriends.
  3. The System File. In your BlackBerry resides a file called 'system'. Media buried in here will not show up, which makes it a nice way to quickly hide the dirty pictures on your BlackBerry. First you must enable the hidden folders to visible. Then in your media menu, use the menu key to explore. The system folder should show up and anything you stash in here will remain undetected. While this one will fool the casual BlackBerry users, it is not exactly an unknown thing.  
  4. Buy an Extra SD Card. By far the best way to hide dirty pictures on your BlackBerry is to not have them there at all. Simply carry an extra micro SD card for you dirty pictures. When you are done sinning, you can take it out of your BlackBerry and hide it next to the ancient condom you have stashed in your wallet.


  • Every generation of BlackBerry is slightly different. To hide dirty pictures, you may have to poke around to find the 'Hidden' options.
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