How To Hide Dirty Pictures On Your Mac

If you need to know how to hide dirty pictures on your Mac, then simply follow these directions. We aren't judging you here. Let's just say that it is feasible to do. If this applies to you then read on.

  1. The first step is to create a new user on your Mac. You do this by opening systems preferences. Then select accounts. Once that is open you click on the plus or "add a user" button. Then create anew user. Save that to your systems folder rather than the default location. Spotlight search doesn't access that ever.
  2. Next you have to make the folder invisible. That folder is where you place your dirty pictures. Place those there. Shhh – tell no one.
  3. Now, open up terminal. It is located in "utilities" in your "hard drive" folder.  Save that folder as whatever you want. Just be sure to put a dot as in "." at the beginning of whatever name you want.
  4. When you want to access your "special" pictures , also known as your dirty pictures; you simply select "go", "go to folder". A window opens for you then. Type "~/." Then the name of your special picture. There you have it. Just remember that the finder remains as is until you enter another search. Let's take care of tha, shall we?.
  5. Repeat the process of "go", go to finder". then type "~". This will simply return you to your home folder. You are done. Enjoy this little secret.

Remember anyone that is a pro is able to access this as well. This trick only protects you from those in your home that do not know computers. Never have anything illegal on your computer or Mac. that is just asking for it. Otherwise enjoy your new trick. Now you know how to hide dirty pictures on your Mac.

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