How To Hide Dirty Pictures On Your PC

 If you keep many obscene graphics and porn materials in your computer and do not want them to be easily retrievable by others, you should know how to hide dirty pictures on your PC. There are means where you can hide them from other users who have access to your PC.

  1. Use the hidden folder feature of your PC. All computers have this feature that allows computer users to keep files, videos and dirty pictures hidden from view of other users. Keep the files you want to hide in a single folder or specific folders. In Windows Explorer right click on the folder you want to hide then choose “Properties” and check on the “Hidden” option. Go to Tools then folder then view and check on the “Hidden files and folders” option. There you can find the hidden folder which other users of your PC do not know to exist.
  2. Download security utility software on your PC. You can get them in a free download feature or paid software. Most of the free download versions have limited features as compared to other technical features you can enjoy from paid downloads. You can get better security from this computer software that can protect, lock, hide and destroy files from your computer. The software uses security features of encryption algorithm as well as password protect solutions in keeping files and folders from your PC private.
  3. Rename the folder that contains dirty pictures on your PC. You can hide dirty pictures on your PC by naming the folder where you keep them with something that does not indicate its content. This will catch less attention from PC users who will likely ignore the folder. This will make the folder content seemingly uninteresting. This is a discreet way to hide dirty pictures on your PC that is easier to do among less computer savvy persons. 
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