How To Hide Nose Ring At Work

Do you need to learn how to hide a nose ring at work? While body piercings like nose rings may be a form of self expression and style, your employer may prefer that you express yourself on your own time. If you're looking for some ways that you can hide your nose ring at work, try the following techniques:

  1. Consider using a body piercing retainer. These devices are specially designed to take the place of a nose ring (or other body piercing) and serve to keep the hole open, making it easier for you to put the nose ring back in later. To use in place of a nose ring, opt for a flesh colored retainer to blend in with your skin tone. These are also available a transparent or clear acrylic form. 
  2. Opt for the tiniest stud you can find and paint the stud with skin-toned nail polish. If done correctly, the nose ring will be nearly invisible. You could also use a tan or brown nail polish to make the stud appear to be a beauty mark or small mole.
  3. Try using flesh toned cover-up makeup after removing the nose ring. Be sure that the concealer you use matches your skin tone. If you go this route, be sure that your piercing is fully healed or you could develop an infection. 
  4. Avoid removing the nose ring if you can. Removing your nose ring during the first six weeks can lead to am infection and can even cause the hole to close. Even after it's healed, you should still avoid removing a nose ring frequently because it can cause scars and irritation.  
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