How To Hide A Speedo Erection

Males who prefer tight-fitting swimwear should know how to hide a Speedo erection should the problem happen to occur. These snug, silky swimming garments are notorious for giving many males erections the second they put them on. Whether at a public pool, a swim meet or a beach, you must figure out how to hide a Speedo erection for the sake of your own dignity. Regardless of the situation, you have many options to hide the erection.

Materials needed:

  • Towel
  1. Wrap a towel around your waist. This technique can be used to hide your Speed erection in almost any situation in which you would be wearing a Speedo. To be safe, you should always bring a large towel with you whenever you wear a Speedo.
  2. Lie down on your stomach. This is especially useful while at the beach or at a pool with fold-out beach chairs that lay flat. Keep in mind this may look strange at indoor pools that only have concrete or metal seats, but it'll work if it's your best option.
  3. Jump in the water as soon as possible. This is perhaps the best way to hide a Speedo erection. Unless somebody is directly beside you or happens to brush against your body, it will be nearly impossible to see the erection under water. Perhaps the trickiest aspect of this technique is getting to the water without exposing the Speedo erection. A good way to avoid this is to wrap a towel around your waste and make a quick dash to the water.  
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