How to Hide Sweat Marks

Whether you sweat due to exercise or warm temperatures, many people wonder how to hide sweat marks. Sweating can be a very embarrassing problem for both men and women of all ages. Here are some of the things that you should know if you’re trying to hide your own sweat marks.

  1. Stop yourself from sweating. Instead of trying to figure out how to hide sweat marks, consider how to stop sweating so much. Shaving or trimming underarm hair, using a clinical strength deodorant, and avoiding certain types of fabrics can all help with sweating problems.
  2. Choose the right clothing colors. Black, navy blue, maroon, and forest green are all great options. If you want to know how to hide sweat marks, keep in mind that it is best to stay away from both pastel and bright colors.
  3. Layer clothing. This can be one of the easiest ways to figure out how to hide sweat marks. A t-shirt or tank top will absorb the sweat before it reaches your top layer of clothing.
  4. Opt for sleeveless shirts when possible. Sweating will be the most visible when you wear cotton shirt or long sleeved shirts. If you want to discover how to hide sweat marks, know that a tank top will help keep you cooler.
  5. Stay away from cotton. When trying to learn how to hide sweat marks, most people are recommended to choose cotton because it is a lot cooler. That being said, sweat marks are much more visible on cotton than heavier materials. A sweater can be a safer bet if you don’t want anyone to see your sweat.
  6. Wear a hooded sweatshirt or jacket. While a tank top can help you figure out how to hide sweat marks, a hoodie or jacket can be an ideal choice. A hoodie or jacket will be heavy enough to hide any visible sweat marks so you don’t need to worry about who will see them.
  7. Talk to the doctor. If you are still wondering how to hide sweat marks, know that there can be medical conditions or certain medications which can cause overactive sweat glands. Finding out the real cause of your excessive sweating can help this no longer be a problem for you.

Learning how to hide sweat marks can be a long and complicated process. For many people, it can take many years to figure out how to successfully hide sweat marks. By trying out the tips mentioned above, you will be one step closer to solving your sweating problem.

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