How To Hide TV Cables

Learn about how to hide TV cables and make your entertainment area look organized and neat. With cable television in nearly every home these days, the cables that bring the entertainment into the home can become unmanageable monsters. In addition, when TV cables are loose, they can also become a safety hazard. Use these techniques to make your home safer and to beautify your room.

To hide TV cables, you will need:

  • Entertainment center
  • Plastic straps
  • Empty paper towel rolls
  • Cord-concealing tubes
  • Wire tacks
  1. Hide TV cables behind an entertainment center. The easiest way to hide TV cables is to place the television set in an entertainment center. Run the cables through the holes in the back close to where the cable enters the room.
  2. Bundle the TV cables. When it's not possible to use an entertainment center to hide TV cables, bundle the cables, including the television and DVD player cords, together using plastic straps or rubber bands, and then place the wires against the wall. They will be less conspicuous and will be safer than loose wires going every which way in the room.
  3. Run the TV cables inside tubes. The inexpensive way of hiding bundles of cords is to use empty paper towel or gift wrap tubes. Slit the tube down the length and open the tube. Place the bundled TV cables inside to hide them. For a more finished and polished look, you can buy cord-concealing tubes that are white plastic or flexible black tubes that serve the same purpose.
  4. Tack the cables to the wall. Use wire tacks to affix the TV cables to the wall.



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