How To Hide Your Girlfriend From Your Parents That Don’t Like Her

In order to hide your girlfriend from your parents that don't like her, you must have real skills. Just kidding–it is not hard if you know the right tricks and maneuvers. There are some obvious things that you shouldn't do which would drive attention to you. There are also things which you can do to help the situation as well.

  1. Mention another girl's name in the presence of your parents. It never works when your parents think you are not dating someone for long periods of time. If you never mention a girl that is in your life, your mother or father may begin to think that you are homosexual.
  2. If you live on your own; make sure your girlfriend doesn't leave personal items at your place. What better way to alert your parents of the dreaded girlfriend that they do not care for, than her name tag from work lying on the couch. Make sure you keep her things put away or better yet make sure she takes them home with her.
  3. Holidays are sticky situations. As we all know, parents want their children to come home for major holidays, like Christmas. And as we know, our significant others want our company as well. The best remedy for the "Christmas situation" is to offer to spend Christmas Eve with your girlfriend and Christmas Day with your parents. As for other holidays, it is suggested that you offer the "you go to your parents and I will go to mine" option. It is fool proof and works every time.
  4. When the parents make a unexpected visit. What happens when you and your girlfriend are making out and your parents knock on the door. There is no nice solution for this situation. I suggest, with a frown, to push her into the closet and ask her to be quiet. Then, as your parents are visiting, make excuses to have to go somewhere. This should cut their visit short, thus alleviating your girlfriend's embarrassment a bit. If they will not leave, you may have to put your girlfriend through the bedroom window, if it is not too far from the ground. If that is the case, diverting your parents' attention and sneaking her past to the back door may be the only way to get her to freedom unnoticed.
There are no sure ways to hide your girlfriend from your parents forever but these ways have been successful for most. It is unfortunate to have to do this but sometimes it is the only solution. Maybe, with time, the girlfriend and the parents can learn to accept one another.
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