How To Hide Your IP Address

There are several ways to hide your IP while on the Internet. There ability to truly hide your IP address varies.  Most methods of hiding an IP address work on the idea of filtering the request through an internet proxy. You connect through the internet via providers, which hosts their own IPs. Essentially you are filtering your requests through their IPs.

Before going over how to hide your IP address, you should know the types of services that are available.

  • Free Services. There are many services that let you search anonymously on the internet. Most of these provide a website where you type in the web address you would like to visit. Many of these sites run fairly slow. Some add their own advertisements to the websites you visit. These services occur mainly with the free sites. These are the least reliable of the services.
  • Pay for services. These services are either provided through software installed on the computer or as an add-on installed on an internet browser such as "Hide IP NG" for Firefox. These services will filter your website requests through their service.

To hide your IP using a free proxy for Firefox, follow these steps. You will need to search for a free proxy server, and then follow these instructions once you have found one.

  1. Select "Tools", "Options", and then "Advanced".
  2. Now, select the "Network" tab and then select "Settings".
  3. Under this you can choose to setup a manual proxy configuration.
  4. Type in the "HTTP proxy box" the IP address provided by the site or service.

To hide your IP using a free proxy for Explorer:

  1. Go to "Tools", select "Internet Options", go to "Connections", then "LAN Settings."
  2. Look for "Proxy Server" and select "Use A Proxy Server For Your LAN"
  3. Type the proxy server's IP address where appropriate.
  4. The "Port" number is the number used for client connections by the proxy server, the default is "8080".
  5. Select "OK".

Tip: Services that are installed, as an add-on in Firefox should configure the proxy service automatically. With software installed on the computer you may still need to follow the instructions above to configure your browser to work with the software.

Warning: Make sure your browser is properly configured to work with the proxy server before surfing, or you browsing may not be anonymous.

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