How To Hide Your Shoelaces

Traditionally, shoelaces are visibly shown neatly like a bow on top of the shoe, but nowadays, most people just want to know how to hide your shoelaces. Many men, especially younger ones, prefer not to show the laces, and wear specific type of jeans that fit the look. You might see them on the street, not see the 'bow tie' shoelaces, and wonder, what's their secret? Whether you are trying it out just to look cool or want to learn a new way of wearing your shoes, get the look by reading these directions on how to hide your shoelaces.

  1. Create a loop. Achieve this method by doing a regular shoe lacing; the only difference is that you want to hide your shoelaces. For this method, double lace the shoelaces in the last two holes of your shoe. When lacing the last two shoestrings, loop the laces inwardly into each hole then and tuck both strings on the side. Make sure it is slightly snug so your shoes do not loosen when walking.
  2. Hide the shoelaces behind the tongue. You can try the first method by double lacing in the same two holes or single lace the shoes then tie them in the back of the shoe tongue. Push the shoelaces further down the tongue so it does not look bulky or make the shoestring visible again.
  3. Tie around the ankles. This is an unusual way to hide shoelaces but are quite comfortable unless the laces are super tightened around the ankle, which can cause bad blood circulation (but no one would want to risk their health because a shoelace is tied a little too tight!). Take both strings and tie it loosely together to avoid a bad ring around the ankle. Jeans should be worn with this look unless you want to start an unusual trend.
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