How To High Curve A Baseball Cap

Learning how to high curve a baseball cap is easy. Poor baseball caps. They've been around for years and have had to endure every stupid trend society has introduced to them. Ask yourself this. Do you like being molested? Because, that's pretty much what's done with baseball caps. The brims of baseball caps are twisted and torn, cut and mutilated. The cloth of a baseball caps brim is shredded and re-stitched. People treat baseball caps like their own personal play things. And now this. You want to know how to high curve a baseball hat. That trend died out in the mid 1990's. Why put your baseball cap through such torment all over again? Why? Fine, you asked for it. Here's how to high curve a baseball hat.

  1. Beat it down. Before you can high curve your baseball cap, you have to break it in. The only way to effectively break in a hat is to jam your head into it. You have to loosen the fabric around the hat before attempting to high curve the brim. If you don't, when you flip the brim, it'll poke you in your forehead. It serves you right if you get poked. No hat deserves such degrading treatment. All they do is provide a stylish block from the dangers of sun rays. An this is how you repay your baseball cap, by high curving it. Anyway, just wear the hat around for a couple of hours to get it used to your head.
  2. Stretching the brim. Before you can get the brim to hold it's high curved position, you have to condition the brim. Use both hands and grab the brim on both sides, right where it meets the crown of the hat. Flip the brim upward. You'll notice that the flip wont really hold right away. Repeatedly flip the brim up and return it back to its natural position until you loosen the brim a little. It's like someone asking you to do a split without the proper training. It'll be a painful transformation, but eventually the brim will hold in the upper position. 
  3. High Curving your baseball hat. After constant mistreatment, your hat will finally give in. Flip the brim upwards and it should hold without a problem You've succeeded in breaking your hat's will. You'd better be happy after torturing your baseball cap like this. Just don't rock the florescent biker shorts and oversized tank tops with your high curved baseball cap. That trend sucked in the mid 1990's and it hasn't gained any popularity in 2010.
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