How To High Jump Higher

If you are a track athlete who specializes in the high jump, you probably would like to know how to high jump higher. Review your jumping technique, and ask for some advice from a track high jump coach as well as your fellow athletes. Examine your footwear, to make sure you have the latest and greatest for your sport. Set a height you want to reach on the high jump, and train until you achieve your goal.

  1. Weight training will help you high jump higher. Do some squats, leg extensions, leg presses and calf raises to train to high jump higher. Try to lift moderate weights and do at least twelve repetitions during each exercise. Perform the exercises at a fast pace, to increase the difficulty.
  2. Do some plyometrics to high jump higher. Perform lower body plyometrics, especially one-legged jumps on your high jumping leg. Make sure you stretch before and after each plyometric training session. Try to increase the number of repetitions and exercises you do once you are accustomed to plyometric training.
  3. Run intervals at the track. You can high jump higher by improving your overall fitness level. Sprint 50 yards and jog 50 yards for one-half to one mile. Run some 100 yard dashes followed by a 200 yard and 400 yard dash, resting between each run. This will help you remove any excess body fat, and strengthen your legs as well.
  4. Examine your current diet. If you can drop a few pounds of fat, you will increase your chances of high jumping higher. Experiment with different foods, and try to cut down on some carbohydrates and saturated fats.
  5. Do some high jumping with ankle weights. Use some five pound ankle weights the next time you practice your jump routine. While the height of your jumps will obviously decrease, once you remove the weights you may be able to high jump higher than you normally do.


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