How to Hike a Football

Knowing how to hike a football is important if you would like to be able to play with friends.  More competitively, you need to know how to hike a football in order to play the center position on the field.  Take the following steps into consideration for learning how to hike a football well.

  1. Crouch down with your hands on the ball.  You want to bring your rear down as far as possible, as bending down with your back would be painful as well as slow over time.  Get comfortably into position with both hands on the ball, with your dominant hand holding the ball as it will hand it to the quarterback.
  2. Make sure you use the right grip.  If you play competitively the quarterback will want to receive the ball a certain way.  Make sure you use this grip to hand it to the quarterback; for instance, with the laces a certain way.
  3. Wait for the count.  You should know how many counts are used when you hike the football.  Don't move until it is time to hike the football.
  4. Hike a football into the quarterback's hands.  Simply bring the ball directly into the quarterback's hands, with your dominant hand.
  5. Don't move before the snap.  A false start will be called if you move prior to the snap.  If you move the ball prior to snap or don't hike it correctly, and illegal snap will be called.  Don't get caught in embarrassing penalties that can cost your team five yards.



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