How To Hike Nude In Phoenix

If you really want to experience the ultimate in hiking, learning how to hike nude in Phoenix is almost a must. To begin with, Phoenix, Arizona is a great place to hike. It has picturesque scenery, great trails and wonderful national landmarks. Now, imagine you are experiencing all this without the restrictions of clothing. Because the barrier that clothing creates is eliminated, you can now connect with your surroundings on a deeper and more personal level. Hiking nude in Phoenix allows you to experience nature in your most natural state. 

  1. Before you begin to hike nude in Phoenix, you should be aware of the legality issues. While hiking nude is a popular past time in Arizona, it is not necessarily legal on public lands; however, this does not stop some people from continuing to hike in the buff. Before you begin to hike nude, just make yourself aware of any legal ramifications associated with it. Also, be aware that there are many private clubs and organizations near the greater Phoenix area that allow you to hike nude on their private lands. 
  2. Be courteous of other hikers. Just because you have chosen to hike nude, it does not mean that every person you come across is going to graciously accept this. So, just be aware that you may receive some negative feed back when you encounter other, clothed, hikers. 
  3. Join a nude hiking club. Because hiking nude is a very popular past time in Phoenix, there is actually quite an extensive list of clubs and organizations you can join. The Arizona Wildflowers and Canyon State Naturists are two such clubs. Hiking nude with other experienced nude hikers is a great way for first timers to learn where and how to hike. 
  4. Hike on nude hiking friendly lands. There is also quite an extensive list of private lands that encourage nude hiking near Phoenix, Arizona. You can check out places like the El Dorado Host Spring, Shangra La Ranch and the Mira Vista Resort. When you nude hike on private lands, you are less likely to experience the same amount of resistance as you would in public. 
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