How To Hire A Secretary

Every manager has at one time found it necessary to know how to hire a secretary. What would business do without the secretaries who possess such important skills and talents? The secretary is the keystone of the office, the one through whom all things pass. A good secretary puts out a dozen fires before they ever hit management every day. If you ask any top executive who his most valuable employee is, the one he could not live without, he will most likely answer that it is their secretary, their executive assistant or administrative assistant. Whatever they are called, know how to hire a secretary that can do the job and make you look good while doing it is an essential management skill.

  1. Seek applicants through many sources. When you want to hire a secretary, this is the place where you should not scrimp on money. Spend as much as you need to include everything necessary. Choose several outlets to place your ad, both in print and online, to maximize exposure and reach more qualified applicants. Tell everyone you know that you are looking to hire a secretary. Most positions are filled through referrals.
  2. Write the ad properly. It is very important to word the want ad correctly. Outline any specific skills needed, such as certain computer programs, multi-line telephone skills, or specific language skills, i.e. legal, medical or bilingual. State how much experience and/or education is required. State specifically if you will accept experience in lieu of education.
  3. Give multiple ways to submit a resume. This is the internet age. Requiring written, snail mailed resumes is old fashioned and time consuming. Giving a fax number and email address to which resumes can be submitted will get more responses. If you are accepting emails, always state whether to submit in the body or as an attachment.
  4. Set appointments promptly. You may miss out on the best qualified applicants if you don't set appointments as soon as possible. Yours isn't the only company who is trying to hire a secretary, and the best are snatched up quickly.
  5. Plan the interview. Know what you are going to ask, and what responses you are looking for. Take notes to refer to later. Be prepared to answer questions the applicant may have. Keep it professional, but friendly. You can learn more about someone who is at ease then someone who is tense.
  6. Make your decision in a timely manner. Once again, the best applicants are hired quickly, so the longer you take to make a decision, the less chance you have of getting your first pick.
  7. Send out thank you letters or emails. Let all the applicants know that you have made a decision, and thank them for their time. This speaks well of you as a person, and gives a good impression of the company dynamic.

Hiring a secretary takes time, money, and patience, but if done correctly, you will have a valued employee that you can be proud of.

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