How To Hit A 40 Pound Bag For Boxing

You want to know how to hit a 40 pound bag for boxing because you want to keep in shape or learn how to box. Hitting the forty-pound bag gets you in shape and keeps you in shape.  Learning how to hit a forty-pound is fun and easy. Put your gloves on and get ready to relieve some pent up stress, but remember to check with your doctor before you begin any new workouts.

What you will need:

  • A forty-pound bag
  • Boxing gloves
  • Running shoes or sneakers
  • Work-out clothes


  1. Hang up the forty-pound bag in your garage. This is easy. Follow the directions that came with the bag and hang it up. Put on your boxing gloves, running shoes, and workout clothes. Prepare yourself for a work-out
  2. Throw some straight punches at the forty-pound bag. Start out with jabs and then continue with some heavier straight right hands. Pound that bag. Put some effort into it and feel your muscles strengthen. These punches will build strength in your arms, chest, and shoulders
  3. Throw some upper cuts and hooks at the forty-pound bag. Mix in a few jabs to set up the punches. Throw these punches with power because they are power punches. Throwing these types of punches will give you more power.
  4. Move around while you are throwing your punches. Dance around the bag like a boxer. Throw jabs at the forty-pound bag. Mix in some of the other punches. The movement will help you build up stamina. You will need to build up your stamina if you actually decide to become a boxer.
  5. Throw punches in rapid succession. Jab, jab, jab. Throw some quick right hands. Throw a few upper cuts and hooks. Throw your punches fast like the boxers you see on television. This will build up speed and stamina.

You have learned how to hit a 40-pound bag. You should be tired after your workout. Drink some water, take a shower, and relax. Do the same workout everyday and you will become an expert at hitting the forty-pound bag. Now you can work up to some heavier workouts.

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