How To Hit Base Hits In Slowpitch Softball

These tips will teach you how to hit base hits in slowpitch softball. Slowpitch softball is not like baseball or fastpitch softball, so getting a base hit is inherently different.

  1. Keep your eye on the ball. In slowpitch softball the pitch usually goes ten feet in the air before dropping into the strike zone. There is plenty of movement on these pitches so in order to hit it you must look the ball all the way until it hits your bat
  2. Timing. You have to be very patient in waiting for the ball to reach the plate because of how slow it is moving. Swing to early and you will foul it off but swing too late and it is a tip with bad contact. Timing is everything in hitting a slowpitch softball.
  3. Use the slow movement to your advantage. Because this pitch is moving so slow you will have more time to size up the pitch, understand where it is going to end up, and put the barrel of the bat on it easier. The more of the barrel you get on the ball the harder it will be hit, so use the slowpitch to your advantage.
  4. Fine tune your swing. Make sure when you swing your bat that you follow through all the way and swing just as hard as you would on a softball. Because of how slow the pitch is, by instinct you might slow your bat speed down as well. You need to practice not doing this

Other than these tips, getting a base hit in slowpitch softball is the same as fast pitch softball or baseball. The swing uses the same mechanics, it is just up to you to tweak those mechanics to your advantage.

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