How To Hit A Baseball

If you want to be able to play baseball, you must first learn how to hit a baseball. Properly hitting a baseball is essential to playing the game, along with being able to field, throw and run. Proper mechanics and practice represent foundations of learning how to hit a baseball.

  1. Maintain a comfortable stance. Place your non-dominant foot in front (left foot for a right-handed batter, and vice-versa), keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be bent slightly in order to provide power from your legs.
  2. Grip the bat appropriately. Your dominant hand should be placed over the other, so that the two are touching. You want to keep a tight grip on the bat. Most batters find that keeping their hands just below eye level is most comfortable, although this is a matter of preference. Depending on the weight and length of the bat, you may need to choke up on the bat (move your hands higher on the bat).
  3. See and react to the baseball. You want to keep your eye on the ball, as the old baseball adage goes. As you become a better hitter, you should be able to determine bad from good pitches, so that you give yourself a better ball to hit. When you see a good pitch, lifting your front foot up and then towards the pitcher, for most players, is the preferred mechanic, which allows you to develop some power in your swing. Then, take a quick and level cut at the baseball.
  4. Practice. Work on the fundamentals and mechanics of your swing. Practice and time will allow you to develop your swing and allow you to improve at hitting a baseball.



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