How To Hit Farther In Baseball

It is the dream of many kids to be able to hit like Babe Ruth or even Barry Bonds, this all starts with learning how to hit farther in baseball. Learning how to hit farther in baseball requires a certain amount of talent and practice. Practice separates those who want it  badly from those who do not really care. So here are a few tips that might not get you to the major leagues, but will help you hit farther in baseball.

To hit farther in baseball, you will need:
  • A baseball
  • A bat
  • To practice everyday


  1. Learn how to hit the baseball. Hitting the baseball is a basic task that many people struggle with. If you are one of these people you might want to learn how to hit the baseball before attempting to hit it further, baby steps. When attempting to hit a baseball it is best to focus yourself, and create a certain way in which you will hit the ball each time. Yes it is true that not every ball is the same so you will have to adjust yourself. However if you look at players like, Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds, they tend to use the same body form every time they prepare to hit the baseball.
  2. Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Once you have learned how to hit a baseball understand what you are good at. Are you good at hitting fastballs, curveballs? Once you understand what your strength is practice that and also strengthen your weakness.
  3. Practice. If you are one of those people who tend to give up on things before they even start, then you can just add this to your list of things. You can nott expect to hit the baseball farther, or even far for that matter if you only practice once a month. Even if your schedule is extremely busy set 30 minutes aside everyday to hit a couple of baseballs.
If  printing out these steps will help you hit farther in baseball then do that. Do whatever works for you as long as it achieves your goal of hitting farther in baseball. Also do not give up, home runs aren’t just going to happen you have to make them happen by hitting farther in baseball. 
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