How To Hit A Golf Ball

If you are a first-timer, learning how to hit a golf ball can be a frustrating experience. Alot of times, just getting the mental aspects of the game down can be enough to get over the hump. Other times, you may need to work on the mechanical. If you have a plan in place when you approach each golf shot, hitting a golf ball can be a less stressful undertaking.

  1. Visualize the shot. Before you even step up to hit the golf ball, stand behind your shot on the tee box. Look down the fairway, and visualize where you want the ball to go. 
  2. Pick a line. After you have visualized where you want the ball to go, choose a line on which to get the ball to that point. Split the line in half, and aim to the halfway point of your intended target. This will make it easier to swing on your intended line. In some cases, the target will be the green (if you can see it). In other cases, it may be a point down the middle of the fairway on a dogleg hole.
  3. Step up to the ball. Now that you know where you want to hit the golf ball, it's time to set yourself up to the golf ball to complete your visualized shot. If you are hitting driver off the tee, the golf ball should be lined up even with your forward foot. Your feet should be set up far enough away from the ball that you can have a nice slight knee bend, and your arms completely extended.
  4. Take a practice swing. Before hitting your actual shot, take a practice swing. The practice swing allows you to get comfortable with where the ball is and the physics of the shot. If your practice swing feels off, swing again. Get comfortable with your swing before approaching the ball.
  5. The swing. In the position you are going to swing, take another look down the fairway at your target. Look back down at the golf ball and begin your backswing. The backswing should be an even arc back behind you, not too deep or too flat. You should have to slightly bend at the elbows in the backswing. Bring the club back until the shaft is parallel to the ground. Begin to rotate your hips back with the golf ball, gaining speed with the club. The club head should make contact with the golf ball on an even line, with your head down still looking at the tee.  Follow the club head through your swing to maximize the power of your shot.

Sounds simple, right?  Well hopefully you are looking at a ball that is right down the middle of the fairway and ready for your approach.  If you are having trouble, remember that there are plenty of golf balls to hit out on the range for practice!

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