How To Hit Handrails In Skateboarding

Learning how to hit handrails in skateboarding for most skaters is a huge  feat. Handrails are excellent for learning how to do tricks like boardslides, but handrails also pose great potential to get hurt. However, any skater can learn how to hit handrails with the proper steps and adequate practice. Before attempting to hit a handrail make sure there is enough space at the end of the rail to ride out smoothly. Practicing hitting handrails comes with a bit of tumbles, so wear heavy duty elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards and a helmet.

  1. Find the Proper Handrail. The first step in learning how to hit handrails is finding the proper handrail for practicing. Square handrails are typically easier for novice skaters. Round handrails are typically hard balance on, so start out hitting hand rails on flat hand rail surfaces.
  2. Start Short. Hit handrails requires jumping pretty high, so start out with a square handrail that is also short. Aim for a hand rail with only 3 to 5 steps. If the handrail is at a skate park without step, hit handrails starting out on the beginner rails that are only a few feet high. Work your way up to hitting handrails of varying heights to keep injuries at bay.
  3. Perfect Your Ollie. Hitting handrails requires ollying up onto the rail, so make sure your ollie is solid. This is usually the toughest part of hitting handrails. Avoid leaning too much or too little with the rail. It may take a bit of practice to find a happy medium for leaning with the rail when hitting handrails.

Tip: After hitting the handrail, your momentum will be very fast, so bend deeply upon landing and keep your feet over the trucks on your skateboard.

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