How To Hit Harder In Boxing

Need to know how to hit harder in boxing? In improving boxing technique, regardless of whether it is for serious training or for other reasons, it is vital to learn how to hit harder in boxing. Even casual boxers should spend some time developing power, for fitness and self-defense reasons. Hitting harder in boxing will allow for strength and overall boxing ability to be harnessed better.

  1. Utilize proper footwork. Footwork is extremely important in all aspects of boxing, from defense to parrying, and this reigns true for punching power. Your footwork should be crisp and definitive. Power is developed by utilizing leg power, stepping into the punch and staying balanced. However, make sure you do not compromise foot speed as well; both are essential.
  2. Practice proper punching technique. In many cases, power is lost when the boxer has to think about a certain combination or punch. If you are still developing proper punching technique, this needs to be perfected before you can throw a punch or combination with confidence, speed and power.
  3. Develop your stamina. Punching power is lost when you tire. Consistent and maximum punching power can be harnessed when your stamina is maximized.
  4. Spend time on strength training. Make sure you are spending time in the gym. Many muscles are involved in a punch. By working and concentrating on strength training principles on many of these muscles, you will be able to improve your strength. This will certainly transfer into increased punching power, when combined with punching technique. Strength is one important component in harnessing punching power, which will allow you to hit harder in boxing.
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