How To Hit A Hybrid Golf Club

You are interested in using the hybrid golf clubs and need to know how to hit a hybrid golf club. Hybrid golf clubs are used by a lot of golfers in place of their long iron clubs. These clubs can be fore some golfers to use because they are a lot lighter and easier to use the other golf clubs. Hybrid clubs when used correctly allows the ball to get in the air a lot quicker.  It is important to know how to hit a hybrid golf club properly to get the best results from its use.

  1. Position your body correctly. Your shoulder should be facing the target. Align your left food underneath you left shoulder or vise versa if you are left handed. The ball should be about one or two inches closer to your front foot than it is to your back foot
  2. Begin your backswing. When holding the hybrid golf club relax your grip, and be sure not to clench your hands. Your backswing should go all the way back and as you begin to swing, swing down on the ball to send it flying up in the air. Since most of the weight in the hybrid club is in the back and center portion of it, swinging at a downward angle will help your swing tremendously.
  3. Follow your swing through. When hitting the hybrid follow the swing all the way through even though it may seem that you might not need to because of the height and flight of it in the air. Don't stop swinging until you get your hands up to your shoulder height. This will help the golf ball to have a nice lift and have a good landing.
  4. Keep your stance when you hit the hybrid golf club. Do not widen your feet when you begin to swing. It is possible that you can loose your balance and your angle can be thrown off. A wider stance can make it more difficult for you to hit a hybrid golf club correctly.
  5. Practice your swing. It can be difficult at first to adjust to the hit of a hybrid golf club, but the more that you practice the easier the swing will get. Practice at least a few times a week if possible and you will be a pro at hitting a hybrid golf club in no time.
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