How To Hit For Power In Slow Pitch Softball

Learning how to hit for power in slow pitch softball can allow you to become a better softball player.  While most do not play for competition at this level, it makes it more enjoyable for some when you can do something well.  Take the following steps into consideration to learn how to hit for power in softball.

  1. Keep the ball off the ground.  You may need to adjust your swing if you have a tendency to hit the ball on the ground, which of course is not conducive to power hitting.  Make sure you give your chance to keep the ball in the air for a power shot by maintaining a good and powerful swing angle.
  2. Develop power from your legs.  In slow pitch softball, you obviously have some time as quick reactions aren't needed.  Make sure you are generating power from your legs.  You can consider adjusting your stance or mechanics to develop more power from your legs.
  3. Improve hand speed.  You can have a great deal of power, yet a slow swing will definitely undermine your power.  Work on improving the hand speed of your swing, which will make the bat faster and develop better power on the ball.
  4. Follow through when you make contact.  The final way to improve your mechanics to hit for power involves the follow through.  Make sure that you don't stop your swing too short, as some players do this anticipating going to first base.  Follow through on the ball to ensure you aren't wasting any of your power on what you will do next.
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