How To Hit A Six In Cricket

Learning how to hit a six in cricket is based in skill, technique and the right ball to hit. To hit six in cricket you must launch the cricket ball over the boundary. That is the cricket ball must pass over the boundary in the air before it hits the ground. This technique will score your team six runs with one swing of the bat.

What you will need to hit a six in cricket:

  • Cricket bat
  • Batsman
  • Bowler
  • Cricket ball
  • Boundary
  1. Technique is key to hitting a six in cricket. Of course, of primary interests is the proper pitch to handle. The idea for hitting a six if passing the ball over the boundary in the air you will need lift to carry the cricket ball over the boundary. The proper pitch is needed and timing to contact the ball and lift it.
  2. Technique used for this will normally be a golf swing type motion. That is you want to bring the cricket bat downward towards the oncoming ball and as you impact the ball, lift the bat upward to strike the ball into the air.
  3. The strike should be smooth and directed upward. Although you may strike the ball in this manner there is no guarantee that the flight of the ball will carry over the boundary. It will take time and practice to get your swing down and to recognize the pitch as a potential hit six. Be aggressive and deliberate on your swing and attack the pitch with a hard upward motion. A hit six is in the cards with this type of approach, you just need to seize the opportunity.


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