How To Hit A Slice Serve In Tennis

Learning how to hit a slice serve in tennis can be a lot of fun. Typically, a slice serve is use for a second serve in tennis. This serve is not as difficult to learn, so that makes it a good choice for the second serve.

  1. Change the grip and you will change the serve. It is not necessary to vary your grip when hitting different types of serves. If you do change your grip it will make hitting the slice serve much easier. If you want to hit a good slice serve in tennis you may want to change your grip. The grip you should use for the slice serve is a continental grip. This grip will make hitting your slice serve more natural.
  2. Change the ball toss. To hit a slice serve in tennis you will need to change your ball toss. Toss the tennis ball in front of you, make sure to keep your balance. Also, the ball toss needs to be a little to the right.
  3. Imagine that the tennis ball is a clock. Look at the tennis ball like a basic clock. Imagine hitting the tennis ball from left to right. On a clock that would translate to from 9 to 3. You should always hit the ball this way when hitting a slice serve.
  4. Use your body.  After you toss the tennis ball and begin to strike continue moving forward. Make sure that you completely follow threw. Remember to keep your balance. If you practice these slice serve tennis tips. Your slice serve will become effective very soon.
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