How To Hit A Slow Pitch Softball

Learning how to hit a slow pitch softball is not as difficult as it may seem. Yes, it is quite different than normal baseball. However with some time and practice, you can easily become accustomed to hitting a slow pitch softball. Take the following steps into account to learn how to hit a slow pitch softball.

  1. Get your feet and hands into position. Assuming you know how to hit in baseball, assume your normal batting stance. Remember to bend your knees slightly and keep your eye on the ball, as the old adage goes.
  2. Take a second to judge whether the ball is in the zone. Depending on where you're playing, there may be a more or less strict strike zone. At any rate, this can be a difficult point. As the ball is traveling at an arc, it will take some experience to get used to what balls and strikes look like. Once you get the hang of it, wait for your pitch.
  3. Step into and swing through the softball. The slow pitch softball takes some time to get used to hitting. Like normal, you want to make sure that you step into the swing, in order to develop power. You can actually take more of a step than you would in baseball, as you now obviously have much more time to develop such power. You can also choose to swing so that the bat cuts upwards, but this is only advised to power hitters who are confident, as a level swing gives you a much better chance of a base hit. No matter your preferences, swing through the softball.
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