How to Hit Someone Hard in Football

One of the most dangerous and fun aspects of the gridiron is learning how to hit someone hard in football. Face it. You didn't get into the sport without the desire to commit a little violence. It offers a welcome burst of adrenaline that keeps your instincts sharp and your ego high.

But if you want to learn how to hit someone hard in football, you will need:

  • Aggression
  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Leg and shoulder pads
  • Helmet
  1. Gain awareness of your surroundings. You can't learn how to hit someone hard in football without first learning how to protect yourself. Failure to adhere to this step could result in you getting your bell rung instead of being the guy who does the ringing. Make sure you know where the ball is, because wherever it travels is where you will find the most traffic.
  2. Target your prey. Easy if the ball is coming to your side. You want to take out the ball carrier. However, if you're playing defense and the play flows away from you, pick out another player, who is not going full speed. He's always out there. Teach him a lesson for not playing till the whistle, and your task of learning how to hit someone hard in football becomes much easier.
  3. Go full speed. If you don't play to the whistle, you will become a victim. It always happens, and it always leads to injury. Don't be on the wrong end of this equation. Going full speed means always being on the lookout for someone to hit until the referees signal the play is dead.
  4. Hit with the shoulder. Shoulder pads are there for a reason. Helmet-to-helmet contact has become illegal at the professional level, and while college and high school programs have not uniformly followed suit, it is a good idea not to hit with the helmet. Learning how to hit someone hard in football means you need to remember safety and fairness. Hitting with the shoulder reduces injury to both players and keeps your team out of trouble.
  5. Aim higher. Learning how to hit someone hard in football is a delicate dance. You don't want to give anyone, including yourself, a head injury, but at the same time, you don't want to take out another player's knees either. After all, you wouldn't want that to happen to you. Aim high with your hits but respect how delicate the head is. Make contact with the torso of the other player if at all possible.

Knowing how to hit someone hard in football should never involve intentionally trying to hurt someone. Make sure you know the rules of football, and you play by them at all times. That way, you can exercise aggression without poor sportsmanship. Best of all, you will stay safe in the process!

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