How To Hit A Tennis Ball Properly

Learning how to hit a tennis ball properly can drastically improve your game. After all, you cannot play tennis if you cannot hit the ball. While you may just think hitting a tennis ball is only about aiming, it is much more than just that. In order to hit a tennis ball properly you will need to know and/or practice all of the following: equipment size, serving and strokes. This article will go through each of the available practice tips and show you step by step how to hit a tennis ball correctly.

Things you'll need:

  • Tennis racket (you can try out several demo rackets for a small fee at some stores)
  • Professional racket grip
  • Extra-felt tennis balls
  • Replacement strings
  1. The right equipment does make a difference. You will not be able to hit a tennis ball properly if your racket head or handle is too small or your grip is not tight enough. Please review the list above and adjust accordingly.
  2. Serving is your first line of defense. You need a good serve in order to weaken your opponents shots. Practice on a serving technique of your choice and stick with it throughout the entire game. Top-spin is the serving of choice for pros and novices alike. All you need to do is hit the ball at the highest point of the toss with the side of your racquet. Top-spin serving works best if you can toss the ball slightly behind you and strike the tennis ball sideways with the front your your racket. It is also recommended you have rackets and strings that fit best for top-spin serve.
  3. Forehand and backhand strokes. You need to make sure you have proper poses for your strokes in order to hit a tennis ball correctly. There are many variations of forehand and backhand strokes. However, the general rule of thumb is that you want to turn your body slightly to the right when you are hitting a tennis ball. The power should come from both your legs and your back. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you curve your legs a little while preparing to hit a tennis ball and twist your back at the moment you make contact with the ball.
  4. Follow-throughs are important, too. Make sure you follow-through after your hit a tennis ball. Your right hand should be near your left shoulder when finishing your swing.
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