How To Hit An Underhanded Serve In Tennis

If you love the game of tennis, but don't want to give up your rebel image, then it's time for you to learn how to hit an underhand serve in tennis. The underhand serve is a perfectly legal way to get the ball into play and you might just draw attention to yourself because of your interesting style of play. If you wind up and hit the underhand serve like a forehand, you can put plenty of spin on the ball and make it difficult to return. While the shock value of the underhand serve might wear off after a few times, it is still a viable alternative for those of us who have trouble keeping an overhead serve in play.

  1. Hold the racquet like you are about to hit a forehand. You are, after all, about to hit a forehand. Remember to keep a loose grip, since tight muscles can send the ball flying out of bounds when you hit it.
  2. Move your weight to your back leg. This lets you "wind up" before striking the ball and will be the basis for much of the power of the shot. Don't think that just because you are serving underhand that you have to serve weak.
  3. Drop the ball and take a swing. Swing low-to-high while moving your weight to your front foot. The stronger that you swing, the more power the shot will have and the more difficulty your opponent will have with returning it.
  4. Swing over the ball to add some topspin. By making clean contact with the ball and then rolling the racquet over the ball as you follow through, you will add a good deal of downward spin to the ball. This spin will make the ball bounce up when it strikes the court, making it difficult for your opponent to attack the shot.
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