How To Hit A Volleyball

If you want to learn how to hit a volleyball during the match, you don’t have many choices. Only four methods won’t get you whistled for a foul by a referee. Here’s the list, short as it may be. Don’t look at us; we didn’t make the rules for this sport.

  1. Use your hand. You can hit the volleyball during the game with the heel or palm of your hand. You may not, however, carry the ball or lift the ball for a few seconds with your hand. That’s considered holding and is a huge no-no.
  2. Use your fingertips. You must be a manly man with fingers strong as steel to hit the volleyball with your fingertips. If you don't have Herculean fingers, maybe you can strengthen those fingers with finger push-ups. Smashing a volleyball purely with your fingertips is totally legal.
  3. Try using curled fingers. Again, it takes a strong hand to withstand the force of a volleyball coming straight at you. It is legal to use your curled fingers to smack the leather right back at the opposing team. Aggressive and very impressive, if you can pull it off correctly.
  4. Hit the ball with the back of your hand. This would include the palm and wrist only. Once the ball touches your forearm it is considered illegal during competitive play.

The more competitively you play volleyball, the more rules there are to follow. Consider adding finger push-ups to your work-out. Another method of training is to take a basketball (you read that right) and set it against the wall. Do these repetitively in sets of 100. If you use a basketball, the volleyball will then feel lighter during game play. You have four ways to hit a volleyball correctly. Now is as good a time as any to start training. Hit the floor and give us twenty finger push-ups!

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