How To Hit On Women

If you want to have a girlfriend, then it is necessary to learn how to hit on women. Most guys assume that they can get any woman of their dreams easily if they have a great look, an awesome job, a nice car, and an outgoing personality. However, this situation doesn’t happen all the time. Regardless of your overall status, the following three ways will serve as a guide on how to hit on women.

  1. Be yourself. The first step of hitting on women is to show her the real you. You can turn any woman off easily by faking yourself. In fact, the situation is no different than telling her lies. Let’s put it this way: How would you feel if a woman tricks you into liking her by pretending to be someone she is not? You would feel terrible because she wasn't sincere and honest with you in the first place.
  2. Have fun. The second step of hitting on women is to have fun. Most women are attracted to guys who have a good sense of humor. You should just relax and enjoy the process of getting to know her. Don’t worry too much about what she thinks about you. Just focus on making her laugh! If she keeps laughing with you, it may lead to something more.
  3. Think positive. The last step of hitting on women is to think positively. You take a chance to get to know her, but it doesn’t really guarantee that she will like you back. Sometimes it turns out that she just isn’t interested. Whether you like it or not, rejection is always part of life, but if you don’t try, you will never know what she thinks about you. Instead of feeling bad, you should keep looking for another woman with a positive attitude.
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