How Is HIV Spread?

In order to have healthy and safe physical relationships with partners it’s good to have a basic understanding of how HIV is spread. HIV stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” This virus mutates rapidly and is fatal as it attacks the body’s immune system that would fight off viral infections. HIV infection is now considered pandemic so it’s best to understand if you are at risk.

  1. Unprotected sexual intercourse. The biggest risk in how HIV is spread is through unsafe sex, sexual intercourse without a condom. Whether it’s oral or genital sexual intercourse bodily fluids may pass from one individual to another who’s infected with the virus.
  2. Sharing intravenous needles. While it’s mostly believed that drug users are the only ones at risk, this is not true. How HIV is spread can also be the sharing of a needle using steroids, getting a tattoo or through body piercing.
  3. Breast feeding to child. If the mother is infected with the disease, she can spread HIV to her child. It’s best to use formula that natural breast milk in this case.
  4. Blood transference. How HIV is spread can be if a person who is infected has a open wound and protective gloves are not used to protect while assisting them. While blood transfusions are no longer an issue since blood is tested before transfused, any type of bodily injury in which a person has an open cut and is bleeding use caution.

There is no cure for HIV so now that you understand how some of the most common methods this disease is spread, be smart, stay away from unclean needles and practice safe sex. Get yourself tested every six months if sexually active.



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