How To Hockey Skate

Learning how to hockey skate is an important step in playing hockey. You may want to learn how to hockey skate because you have seen others hockey skating or you are curious simply for your own personal interest. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to learn how to hockey skate, with a little practice and a good pair of skates, you can learn to hockey skate. Practice is one of the most essential steps in learning how to hockey skate as you will need to get a feel for the skates and learn to properly balance yourself.

  1. Put your skates on. Put on the skates that you intend to use to hockey skate. Ensure that they are firmly attached and that all straps are tightened. Before attempting to hockey skate, the skates should be on properly and not wobbly or loose.
  2. Increase your speed. Increase your speed when skating. Use a "V" formation with your skates to gain momentum. Do not allow your skates to become straight when pushing as this will slow you down and not increase speed.
  3. Position yourself. Keep your feet a decent distance apart (about one shoulder length). Bend down slightly as you skate to help increase speed and give your legs more power. Continue to lean forward and avoid leaning backwards which could cause you to lose balance or fall.
  4. Continue to skate. Continue to skate, keeping your eyes focused in front of you and not down towards your feet. Skate to the best of your abilities and continue to practice constantly. Skating is the biggest part of playing hockey.



Purchase skates that have a nice, sturdy feel and hug your ankles and feet. Tighter is better when it comes to skates for learning how to hockey skate.

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