How to Hold a Baseball Bat

Learning how to hold a baseball bat is essential to developing hitting ability. Holding a baseball bat is about comfort and grip, which will allow you to concentrate on mechanics and timing. Learn how to hold a baseball bat by taking the following considerations into account.

  1. The important basics of holding a bat. Your dominant hand should be placed on top of the other. Hold your two hands together towards the bottom of the baseball bat. While most hold it at the bottom, you may choke up (hold higher) on the bat to compensate for a heavy or long bat to get better control. Hold the bat with a strong, yet comfortable grip.
  2. Place your hands around shoulder height. This is more of a matter of preference. Find what is most comfortable and effective for you, as many batters use different heights in their batting stance. You want to maximize response time, so play around a little bit with your stance and the height of your hands.
  3. Establish some consistency in the motion of your stance. Your grip is affected by the motion that you use when holding the bat, waiting for the pitch.  Some players are relatively still while others use a more noticeable shaking motion when waiting for the pitch. Again it is important to find out what is comfortable for you.
  4. Consider batting gloves. Another important component to holding a baseball bat is involved in batting gloves. Many baseball players enjoy the additional grip with the material on the gloves. Try them out to see if you like the additional grip and shock absorption provided.
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