How To Hold A Bow Properly

Are you a new learner of archery and need to know how to hold a bow properly? Bows and arrows are used for recreational sports and for competition. Knowing how to hold a bow correctly will allow for accuracy while releasing the arrow at the target. The bow builds up tension by pulling the string of the bow back and releasing it as it moves towards the target. Holding a bow properly allows you to maximize your aim when releasing the arrow.

Things you'll need:

  • Bow and arrows
  1. Position your body properly. Stand in an upright position, facing forward with your feet shoulder-length apart. Place your weaker foot slightly ahead of the stronger foot (i.e. if you are right-footed, place your left foot ahead of your right foot).
  2. Nock the arrow properly. The nock allows you to grip the bow string by using the grove that is cut into the back of the arrow. If you are right-handed, hold the bow with your left hand (and visa versa) and use your right hand to put the bow string in the nock on the back of the arrow. Next to the handle grip of the bow is the arrow rest. Sit the arrow shaft on the arrow rest, place your index finger above the nock and place your middle finger and ring finger underneath the nock.
  3. Set the bow into position. To set the bow into position properly, extend the arm you are holding the bow with. Lift your elbow even with your drawing hand and draw the bow string back.
  4. Position the bow string. Use your vision to aim the arrow by positioning your drawing hand as well as your bow string so that it touches your chin.
  5. Propel the arrow by releasing the bow string. Let the bow string slide from out from all three of your fingers simultaneously as you hold steady. Don't release your form until the target is hit.



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