How To Hold A Bowling Ball Properly

Knowing how to hold a bowling ball properly is one of the steps to mastering the game of bowling. You can follow the basics of how to hold a bowling ball and practice those techniques to perfect a fluid movement. Keep it simple and aim for a good solid throw before attempting any fancy throws.

  1. Choose the right bowling ball. The finger holes should fit your hand and the weight of the ball should be comfortable.
  2. Pick up the bowling ball with both hands. Turn the ball so that the holes are on the top side.
  3. Put the bowling ball in your palm and rest it against your abdomen. Put your fingers in the correct holes. The ring finger and middle finger go in the smaller holes and the thumb goes in the larger hole.
  4. Hold the bowling ball with your palm on the bottom. Look down the lane and focus on the pins, as they are the target.
  5. Walk toward the throw line. At the same time, swing your arm back and then forward and release the bowling ball on the upward swing. Remember to keep your arm in a vertical line with your chin when you release the bowling ball.
  6. Practice several times. Repetition will help you to get the feel for the progression of the motion and to perfect your aim.
  7. Try a different ball. If you are struggling with a smooth release then a bowling ball with a different weight. You can also see if a ball with different sized holes may improve your grip and make it easier for throw the ball properly.
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