How To Hold A Cigar Properly

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hold a cigar properly? When you are beginning to smoke cigars, the idea of holding them correctly could be mind-boggling. Watching others will most likely not do the trick. Once you become familiar with the proper technique, you will be able to fully enjoy your cigar. Follow these steps to begin properly holding a cigar.

Things you'll need:

  • A cigar
  1. Hold the cigar straight ahead. The cigar should be held straight ahead at all times. The direction of the cigar plays a big part when holding a cigar properly. In this step, it does not matter how you are holding the cigar at this point, but make sure the cigar is held straight ahead to make the next step easier.
  2. Grip the cigar. However you are holding the cigar, begin gripping it correctly. You will need to take the cigar between your index and middle finger. Once you hold the cigar with those two fingers, make sure the cigar is still straight ahead; it should not be slanted at all. You could slant your hand vertically or  horizontally. Just as long as the cigar is pointed straight ahead.
  3. Apply pressure to the cigar. While the cigar is straight ahead between your middle and index finger, you should have a tight grip on the cigar at all times. Squeezing your two fingers together will secure the cigar and make the hold more effective. Without the fingers securing and holding the cigar properly, the cigar could slip through your fingers. That is dangerous when having a lit cigar.
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