How To Hold A Cigar

If you want to elevate yourself to the level of a classier gentleman, you need to know how to hold a cigar. These missiles of tobacco are much more refined than the common cigarette, and certainly demand a certain amount of respect. That being said, many people simply don't know how to hold a cigar. By knowing how to hold a cigar, you'll be showing everyone in the room that you are both a man of refined tastes and that you, indeed, have earned that fine piece of culture you have in your hands.

  1. Hold the cigar between your index finger and your thumb. In most circles, this is the most commonly accepted way to hold a cigar. Be sure to grasp it away from where you put your mouth, and definitely don't shake it around as to avoid ashing on peoples' clothing. It cannot be said enough that this is the most significant step in knowing how to hold a cigar.
  2. Don't hold it like a cigarette. This means not to hold it between your index and middle fingers, nor between your knuckles. Furthermore, do not, and we repeat, do not stick it behind your ear like a pencil. That's just plain gauche.
  3. Do not hold a cigar between your teeth. If you're not puffing from the cigar, then it has no business near your mouth, period. Despite what rap videos have shown us over the years, it is extremely uncouth to stick a cigar between your teeth. If you want to learn how to properly hold a cigar, be sure to not do this.
  4. Take the label off of your cigar. While this rule is slightly debated in some circles, think of it as akin to keeping the price tag on your clothing when you wear them out. Nobody needs to know how much you spent on your cigar, or for that matter, what brand it is. If you're lucky, they'll know your good taste from the aroma it carries throughout the room.

There are many things that finer gentlemen need to know, one of which is how to hold a cigar. In reality, knowing how to hold a cigar isn't extremely difficult, which is why it's astonishing to see so many people doing it wrongly. If you do know how to hold a cigar correctly, however, the class you exude will be nearly palpable.

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