How To Hold A Drum Stick Traditional Style

Before beginning to play the drums, it is important to master the various grips used to properly hold drum sticks, beginning with how to hold a drum stick in the traditional style. Holding the sticks in traditional style is a very common method used in rock, country, and jazz music. Practice this grip and you will be rocking out on the drums in no time!

To hold the drum stick in traditional style, you will need:

  •  Pair of drum sticks
  • Drums, drum pad, or other durable practice surface
  1. With your left hand, hold stick between  thumb and pointer fingers, in the "webbing" of your thumb. The stick should sit on the nail of your bent ring finger, and your middle finger should be resting on the top of the stick.
  2. Place your right hand palm- up, and extend your middle and index fingers. Extend thumb as well, and place the stick between the two fingers and thumb. Close the two fingers over stick loosely, and let it rest between the two joints of your ring finger. Make sure your hand is placed towards the bottom of the stick.
  3. Only grip the sticks tightly enough in both hands so that they do not easily slip out when playing. Do not grip the drum sticks too hard, or you will experience discomfort very quickly.
  4. Practice the traditional style grip on drums or a drum pad  to get used to how it feels in your hands. You may find that small adjustments need to be made for comfort or ease of play.
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