How To Hold A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are fragile creatures, and therefore before you pick one up you should know how to hold a guinea pig properly. Guinea pigs can be jumpy and easily startled which makes them susceptible to falls and injuries. This article will guide you on how to hold a guinea pig safely.

  1. Make sure the guinea pig is calm. The first rule in learning how to hold a guinea pig is to make sure that it is relaxed before attempting to pick it up. Trying to grab a moving guinea pig can be harmful as you may accidently squeeze it too hard. Guinea pigs that are scared may also bite or wiggle out of your hands.
  2. Slide your hand under the belly.  Gently slide your right hand under the guinea pigs belly. Lift your hand slightly so that the belly of the guinea pig is resting in your hands. The legs should be on either side of your hand, whichever is most comfortable for you and the guinea pig.
  3. Place your left hand around the rump. To help your guinea pig feel more secure, cup your left hand around its rump. When lifting the guinea pig make sure that all four legs are well supported.
  4. Place the guinea pig on your chest.  Now that you have lifted the guinea pig, quickly place it up against your chest. The guinea pigs belly should be resting on your chest. Use your hands to support the guinea pigs rump and back. This position is the best way to support a guinea pig as it makes them feel secure and easier for you to hold. Wrapping the guinea pig up in a towel may also help it to feel safer.
  5. Stay alert. When holding a guinea pig, stay alert so that you will be prepared to quickly lower it to the floor safely if it tries to jump out of your hands.
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